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All is hardcore when made with love

It's a stupid thing we say, cursing tomorrow in sorrow

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ANNA ANNA GLAMOROUS ANNA! You're so bodacious!
13 January 1985
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actual pinup girls, akhenaten, alice's adventures in wonderland, america's next top model, amy sedaris, ancient egypt, anne boleyn, anthropology, archaeology, awful hentai games, ballet, batman, beijing, bioarchaeology, bizarre fetishes, books, british history, calvin and hobbes, cartoons, cats, cher, choreography, christian bale, christopher guest, cinematography, cocteau twins, creation myths, dave grohl, david bowie, david ives, david sedaris, dead can dance, denis leary, drag queens, drawing on myself, eddie izzard, eleanor of aquitane, eugene hütz, fashion photography, father ted, femurs, final fantasy, firefly, flouncing about in dresses, forensic anthropology, foxes, frida kahlo, gackt camui, geisha, general pissiness, glow-in-the-dark, gogol bordello, gone with the wind, great evil and corruption, greece, grievous nerdage, grimm's fairy tales, halloween, hamlet, hedwig, helmut newton, historical fiction, history, hong kong, ilyaisms, impropriety, indian food for breakfast, invader zim, isadora duncan, it is fluffy!!!, japan, john waters, kevin spacey, kids in the hall, kotor, lewis carroll, lolita, london, macbeth, magazine-clipping collages, makeup, malice mizer, margaret cho, margaret george, medieval music, melon soy milk, metal! metaaalll!!, metalocalypse, modern dance, monty python, mst3k, my tattoos, my vicious standards, new york city, non-confrontational vegetarianism, not making sense, osteology, paint, palaeoanthropology, parody, patti smith, photoshop, pink floyd, plants, politically contentious hat collection, project runway, rampant mockery, reading, religion, revenge, roald dahl, rocky horror picture show, sailor moon, salvador dali, sarcasm, saturday night live, schadenfreude, shopping, skulls, soul calibur, sparkly things, star wars, steve martin, strangers with candy, stuffed animals, subculturism, takeshita-dori, tarsiers, tattoos, the brak show, the cure, the dresden dolls, the foo fighters, the greek pantheon, the middle east, the ninth empire, the sims, the tower of london, the tudor dynasty, the venture brothers, traveling, trees, video games, vintage clothing, vintage photography, wes anderson, what not to wear, wheeeeee!!!, writing, zombie babes riding dinosaurs

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