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The (concise) big catch-up post

So, hello.

Instead of writing a huge fuck-off post about every tiny thing I've been doing, here is a concise list from when left for Japan in 2008 until now.

1. Moved to Japan. Lost any hope of a stable internet connection because of the shitty, crazy guesthouse I was living in.

I'm planning a series of posts about my fucked-up Japan adventures, but for now, let's just say that where I was living and the people I was living with? Yiiiiiiiiikes.

2. (March-April, 2008) Got a kidney infection. Still don't know why. Almost died and ended up in the hospital for a week. It was boring AND they made me poop in a plastic measuring device.

3. Met guy who I've referred to here as LrB. He was a douche with a LOT OF SEXUAL ISSUES. (Late April, maybe?)

4. Moved into a new apartment after a wonderful, racist adventure that, again, I will write about later (June 2009).

5. We broke up on September 11th, 2009. I forgot...TO CARE. Ahahahaha.

4. Met Ryan on October 18th, 2009. Life starts getting spectacular.

5. December 2009- end up back in the hospital with pneumonia or mono. Japanese medicine apparently cannot separate the two. I miss going to India with my family because I'm too sick to get on the plane.

6. Leave my job at ECC in late March and start at a great new job.

7. Ooops, my lungs gave out! I quit working in the summer of 2010 and Ryan and I decide to move to England, where the weather hurts a lot less.

8. Escape Japan September 21st.

9. Get married October 18th (yep, on our one-year anniversary.)

10. Life is awesome for a consistently long period of time.

11. Ryan gets new job, moves back to the US in May 2011.

12. I move to the US, August 2011.

So, hello from America! More details to follow later in a locked post.

P.S. Did Grandma stop farting?
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