ANNA ANNA GLAMOROUS ANNA! You're so bodacious! (amadruadaboleyn) wrote,
ANNA ANNA GLAMOROUS ANNA! You're so bodacious!

The next person dies

Seriously, the next person to think I'm 18 gets a faceful of PUNCHING.

It's flattering? Yeah, sure, except everyone thinks I'm a CHILD BRIDE!

(My keyboard is crappy and wrote "CHILDBRDE" which I think also sounds like a bad thing to be.)

Oh, and the next person to scream "You're marrrRRRRIIIIEEEED?!" on a rising note gets a faceful of what's left from the people who think I'm a teenager.

That said, shit, I probably could have kept smoking if I look so young.

This week sucks; I had a test and it's "Research Methods" week, which means I've had to get up at 7 for lectures like "VAGUE INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS: How to Not Have Anything Taught to You."

But it makes me feel like I belong at Bournemouth, far more than I did at U of T, when my fellow anthropologists start heckling the lecturer for being terrible at his job. Which they did. God save the queen.

On another note, we have almost all our boxes from Japan...but my DVDs are still missing. It wouldn't be the worst thing to lose, but I really hope they arrive. I just can't think of where they might be- as far as I can tell, we've received all our stuff. Would someone really steal a bunch of DVDs from a sealed shipping box? The PS3 and all of our games arrived just fine.

FAKE LOCATION: LJ is really convinced I live in Nuneaton.
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