ANNA ANNA GLAMOROUS ANNA! You're so bodacious! (amadruadaboleyn) wrote,
ANNA ANNA GLAMOROUS ANNA! You're so bodacious!

I named my iPhone Eleanor of Acquitaine

Hi, guys!

You know makes me laugh every time? When people write "dairy" instead of "diary."


"I can't find my dairy!!!! This is so embarrassing!"

"I can't make it through the day without my dairy."

"Wait, sorry- that's not a hilarious hipster blog post, it's my dairy."

I am short and easily amused.

LJ HAS LOCATION ISSUES: Today, LJ believes me to be somewhere called "Nuneaton." Nun better than Bournemouth, I say!
Tags: grievous nerdage, hilarity!, i'm stupid, me being annoying, wtf
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