ANNA ANNA GLAMOROUS ANNA! You're so bodacious! (amadruadaboleyn) wrote,
ANNA ANNA GLAMOROUS ANNA! You're so bodacious!


Man, I just lookeded through all my LJ icons and they're good fun!

I have to be in lab tomorrow starting at 10 AM because ARGH that's why. I have lab 10-11, and class 2-4. Oh, my frigging god. I don't have enough time to procure wedding lingerie and clean my house. I can't even find baking soda!

Don't tell my mom (because she doesn't need the encouragement...I'm a size eight and she calls me fat all fucking day) but I've been going to the gym again. Took an aerobics class today, of all things. My legs actually hurt! Ryan runs at least 10k every fucking day; I cannot let him kick my ass.

Japan Post sucks. They lost one of my suitcases.

Okay, I'm way too draaaaank to updates.

FAKE EDIT: Now LJ thinks I'm in Coventry. IT'S BOURNEMOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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